How to use Nescape Messenger for E-Mail

User Account Setting

First open the Nescape Messenger , choose Edit¡÷preference:

netscape_pre.gif (12471 bytes)

1. Choose Identity to input the following information:
    Your Name:
    E-Mail Address:
    Reply-to E-Mail:
    organization : (optional)
    Signature File : (optional)

2.Choose Mail Server to input the following information:

    Mail Server User Name : (the user name is the one given to you by Newsbook)

    outgoing mail (SMTP) Server : (the SMTP name of your dialup ISP)

    incoming mail Server : (provided by Newsbook)

Then click OK ¡G

netscape_check.gif (14207 bytes)

Use the Get Msg button to receive e-mail ,

Note: the password is given to you by Newsbook.