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Products Introduction 

In such technology century, Internet is popular to everyone and becomes a part of his or her daily life. According to a reliable survey, Internet citizens exceed 100 million all over the world. In Hong Kong, the online citizens are over one million. Recently, the economic downturn made businesses facing difficulties. How to enlarge the room to survive? 

E-commerce is the solution. So it is a global trend to build-up online business empires in 21st Century.

However, it is costly to establish a web site especially for those traditional businesses. To those people who are not familiar with information system, home page management is headache for them. How to save money, resources and time to build up and manage a commercial website?

We highly recommend DesignPage . It is a great partner to build up e-commerce web sites. It is easy to manage and operate. You can simply introduce your company and promote your products all over the world, carry out Online business and choose different templates according to your preference. That’s why you do need DesignPage.