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Newsbook Limited - Quality Web Hosting & Web Design
Newsbook - For a reliable Web host, look no further

To convenient customers, if customers who changing Web Hosting to our company from other company, the procedure is very simple and easy. Customers just need to prepay one year Web Hosting fee and give the Domain Name's password to our company **, then we will help the customers to complete the procedure. The customers' Web Pages can be changed to our company for hosting between one to two weeks, simple and convenient.

** (1. If the Domain is customers just need to fill in the customers Order Form in our web site or we can fax to the customers. Then prepay one year Hosting fee to our China Bank account. The procedure will be completed between one to two weeks 
2.If the Domain is .com: If customers have the Domain Name's password and give it to us, three to four days can change customers Web Pages to host in our company. 
Otherwise, if one of the customers' email accounts which is recorded in the Domain Registration Company is worked, we will help customers to inform the Registration Company for changing Hosting and the customers need to reply the Registration Company in the email to confirm for changing hosting, the procedure for changing hosting will be completed around one week )

One more discount to the customers who changing Web Hosting to us from other company. If customers have prepay the hosting fee in the old company, customers can bring the receipt to us, then the prepay month will also belong to our company.

Example: if customers have prepay the hosting fee in the old company from 01/11/2001-31/01/2002 and the customers change Web Hosting from the old company to our company in this period. Customers just need to prepay one year hosting fee, then the start period for customers' web hosting will be on 01/02/2002 (From 01/02/2002-31/01/2002 for one year prepayment). It means the hosting period is not started on the order date.

Besides, Newsbook will give a set of new designed Hanlong Invoice System (HK$880) to customers which is free of charge.( More detail, please visit ) . This system can help to record, statistic the information of sales. This Invoice System is one of the essential manage system for company.


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